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Roll Laminating
Roll laminators are designed for fast high quality, high volume laminating. Roll laminators are a popular choice for large documents. These laminators use two continuous rolls of laminating film making them an excellent choice for posters and banners. Roll laminators usually use two rolls of laminating film -- one roll is placed above the feed tray and one roll is placed under the feed tray. To laminate, the document is placed on the feed tray and gently pushed toward the laminator. The rollers of the laminator pull the document toward the laminating film for laminating. After the document is laminated there is usually trimming needed.
We offer ROLL LAMINATORS from 12'' up to 44'' in width. Many of these laminators offer various features like automatic shut off, (the laminator shuts off after a few hours if the laminator is not in use) automatic reverse, (reverses the machine in case of a misfed document or wrap around) Variable speed, (controls the speed of the laminating) Adjustable temperature control, (allows you to adjust the temperature for various thicknesses of laminating film) Heated Rollers (provide bubble free laminations).

We offer ROLL LAMINATING FILM in two grades Standard and Premium. The standard laminating or school laminating film is made of a polyester base and a polyethylene adhesive that produces clear laminations. This economical laminating film adheres to a variety of material and is popular with schools. The Premium laminating film is made of a copolymer adhesive that reduces film distortion and improves clarity. It provides excellent encapsulation on a wide variety of materials. It is perfect for high speed applications.

NYLON SINGLE-SIDED LAMINATING FILM is specially designed for single-sided lamination and works exceptionally well for single-sided applications such as paperback book covers, maps and posters. The film has a nylon base which resists curling and lays flat, plus it is scratch and tear resistant. The nylon laminating film rolls have a larger diameter and are usually on a 3'' core which is larger than the standard roll laminating film. This may limit the ability of your laminator to handle this lamination.
Pouch Laminating
Pouch laminators are used to laminate small ID size cards up to poster size documents, (37” x 49”). To laminate insert your document into the pouch, place the pouch into the pouch laminator and within seconds the item is sealed and protected. Some manufacturers require using a carrier. The carrier is used to provide stability to the laminating pouches and is used to protect the rollers from any excess adhesive that might adhere to the rollers. Because the pouches are precut to a specific size there is less need for trimming.

Our POUCH LAMINATORS are easy to use and are extremely popular. We offer a wide selection of pouch laminators from 4'' home/office up to 44'' commercial laminators. Primarily most of the pouch laminators sold are in the 4'' to 13'' range. When purchasing a pouch laminator a few things to consider are the throat size and the number of rollers. The throat size which determines the size of the laminating pouch that the laminator will be able to use. Our 4''-6 1/2'' will accommodate the ID Size pouches. These pouches are the Business Card, Military Card, School Card, Luggage Tag and More. The 13'' pouch laminators will accommodate the ID Size as well as the Letter, Legal, Menu and Double Letter size laminating Pouches. The 44'' Laminators will handle all of the size pouches as well as pouches up to 37''X 49'' as well as provide mounting capabilities.
The number of rollers is also important when puchasing a pouch Laminator. The number of rollers provides a smooth consistent through-put as well as consistent even heat distribution. Our 2 roller pouch laminators are usually economical basic laminators and usually require a pouch carrier. Our 4 roller laminating machines are usually more professional and offer consistent through-put. The 6 roller laminators are usually photo quality and provide smooth bubble free laminating.

Our premium quality LAMINATING POUCHES provide crystal clear laminating results. We offer these pouches in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. These pouches are 2 precut pieces of laminating sealed on one side making it easy to insert your document into the laminating pouch. The inside of the pouch is coated with an heat activated adhesive that allows the pouch to bond with the document after going through the laminator.
Cold Laminating
Cold Laminators use pressure sensitive laminating. Pressure sensitive laminating has a sticky side so when it comes in contact with the laminating it will adhere to the material being laminated. Cold Laminating is excellent when using thermal / heat sensitive material or some specialty inks that could be damaged by heat.

COLD LAMINATORS 3M Laminators or Xyron Laminators / Creative Stations provide an easy way to laminate without heat. Easy to operate the Xyron Cold Laminators or 3M Laminators usually require no electricty. Simply place the document on the feed tray and insert it in to laminator. Turn the handle and the document is feed through the laminator and laminated. The wide format cold laminators use electricty when feeding the document to be laminated.

Many of these Cold Laminating Machines use replacable cartridges that are easy to insert and swap out. We provide a wide variety of cartridges for Xyron Laminators and 3M Laminators. Not only do we offer Laminating Cartridges we also offer many other cartridges that provide different applications such as One Side Laminating and One Side Adhesive, One Side Adhesive, Sticker Making ability and more. Check out our wide assortment of COLD LAMINATING SUPPLIES and Cartridges.

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