CoilMac Manual Coil Binding Machine

Akiles Coil mac Manual Binding Machine

In The 48 Continguous United States
Manual Punching and Manual Coil Inserter

The Coil Mac quickly and easily allows you to coil bind books up to 1" in thickness. Easy to operate, simply pull the handle to punch, insert the coil through the punched holes and crimp the ends. The margin depth control allows you to vary the distance the holes are punched from the edge of the paper which will enable the pages to turn easier. The open throat design and continuous punching guide allows for punching paper sheets longer than 13'' in length.

The unit comes with a coil inserting table that can be attached to the unit or may be used separately. The heavy duty metal construction of the Coil Mac provides durability and reliability.

Coil Crimping Pliers allow you to crimp the ends of the coil and the crimped coil aids in holding the covers and papers more securely. Coil Crimping Pliers, are NOT included and may be purchased separately.

Also Available the COIL MAC M PLUS which offers 54 individual punching dies which are great for odd size jobs. This unit punches oval holes that allow you to insert coil faster and easier.

Features Include
Punches a 4:1 punching pattern and punches up to 20 sheets at a time using 20lb paper
The open throat design allows for punching paper sheets longer than 13'' in length
Disengageable dies ideal for punching odd-size documents
Margin control
Inserting table
Binds from 2 pages to 1 inch
4 to 1 coil punch die
Metal construction
Weight 35 lbs.
1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
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