Optimus-46HD Electric Coil Binding Machine

Tamerica Optimus-46HD coil binding machine, electric punching and coil inserting, margin and depth controls, disengageable dies

    (In The 48 Contiguous United States)
  • Electric Punching and Electric Coil Inserting
    Model Optimus-46HD

    The Optimus-46HD Binding Machine offers electric punching and electric coil inserting. This coil binding machine punches oval hole for easier coil insertion. The unit punches approximately 30 sheets at a time of 20lb paper. This coil binding machine allows you to electrically coil bind books up to 11'' in length and up to 25mm or approximately 210 sheets in thickness. (larger coil up to 50mm or 2'' in thickness may be inserted by hand). Easy to operate, start the coil into the punched holes of the document. Place the coil against the roller, press the foot pedal and spin the coil into the document and crimp the ends of the coil. The Optimus-46HD offers an electric foot pedal for coil inserting that allows for hands-free control. The open throat design and the "continue" punch guide allows you to bind larger documents. The unit has disengageable dies which is great for odd size jobs. This unit comes with a depth margin control that aids in less document tearing. Coil crimping pliers are included. The crimped coil aids in holding the covers and papers more securely. The unit is designed for years of worry-free operation

    Coil Crimping Pliers are included. The crimped coil aids in holding the covers and papers more securely. The unit comes with a limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

    Features Include
    Medium to Heavy Duty Electric Coil Binding Machine
    Punches a 4:1 oval hole pattern
    Electric punching capacity punches up to 30 sheets of 20lb paper at a time
    Disengageable Punch pins. Great for odd size jobs
    Slide Margin Control allows for evenly centered punches
    Margin depth control allows you to vary the distance the holes are punched from the edge
    Electric coil inserter binds up to 25mm coil. (Insert larger coil by hand)
    1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
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