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  • Heavy Duty Power Punch
    with Interchangeable Dies

    Model HD-7700 Ultima

    Increase your productivity easily with this Heavy Duty Paper Punch HD-7700. The new LED diagnostic display allows you to punch the correct size sheets with precision. This versatile power punch is excellent for companies that are looking to punch a larger number of paper sheets per punch, or offer more than one type of binding. The HD-7700 offers interchangeable dies that punch the hole patterns for Comb Binding, Wire Binding, Coil Binding and VeloBind (the interchangeable dies are priced separately). The dies are easy to change -- the quick-change handles allow you to change dies in seconds without tools. The HD7700 allows you to punch paper by using the foot-pedal, or palm switch. The unit electrically punches approximately 50 sheets per punch depending on the hole pattern and incorporates an auto-reversing feature that prevents paper jams. Also offers a manual reversing feature as a backup. The HD-7700 punches 14'' in length and the open throat design allows you to punch even larger sheets. The slide adjustment guide allows you to punch odd size sheets. The unit provides smooth, quiet, on-demand power. The HD-7700 with metal construction is dependable, reliable and built to provide quality paper punching. This power punch provides high volume users flexibility and increased productivity. (One 4 to 1 coil die included with purchase.)

    Features Include
    One interchangeable coil binding die
    Allows you to change dies in 30 seconds, no tools required
    Anti-jam/auto reverse
    Punches up to 50 sheets per punch depending on the hole pattern
    14'' maximum punching width
    U-View extra large waste tray
    LED diagnostic display
    Foot pedal control or palm switch control punching
    Accu-set paper adjustment control knobs
    Disengageable punch pins
    All metal construction
    Smooth, quiet, on-demand operation
    3 year limited manufacturer's warranty
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    Optional Accessories/Supplies
    Item Number Description List Price Sale Price Quantity
    34121-04 HD-7700
    VeloBind Die
    Round Hole Size 1/8'' Dia
    Spacing 1''
    $896.10 Call For Price
    34122-04 HD-7700
    2:1 Wire Binding Die
    Square Hole Size 1/4'' Dia
    Spacing .500''
    $1,009.40 Call For Price
    34123-04 HD-7700
    3:1 Wire Binding Die
    Square Hole Size 5/32'' Dia
    Spacing .3333''
    $1,009.40 Call For Price
    34124-04 HD-7700
    4:1 Coil Binding Die
    Round Hole Size 3/16'' Dia
    Spacing .248''
    $896.10 Call For Price
    34125-04 HD-7700
    4:1 Coil Binding Die
    Oval Hole Size
    Spacing .2475''
    $1,009.40 Call For Price
    34126-04 HD-7700
    Comb Binding Die
    Rectangular Hole Size 5/16'' Wide 1/8'' Tall
    Spacing .5625'' adjustable
    $1,009.40 Call For Price
    34127-04 HD-7700
    3 Hole Punch Die
    Round Hole Size 5/16'' Dia
    Spacing 3 Hole 4.25''
    $896.10 Call For Price
    34134-04 Versa Switch For The HD-7700
    Activates the paper punching when the paper touches the switch. Mounts on the front of the unit.
    $185.00 Call For Price